GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – SAXX

SAXXs’ handling of personal data

The goal of SAXX handling of personal data is not to collect more data than necessary to be able to deliver its services in the distribution of professional audio & video products. The collection aims to provide the opportunity to deliver products, invoicing, newsletters and support to affected customers.

No information is collected by SAXX for other purposes without the consent of SAXX’s customers.
Regarding sales to private individuals, the processing of personal data is necessary for an agreement with the data subject to be entered into or fulfilled.

With regard to sales to companies or organisations, the processing of personal data is necessary with regard to the legitimate interest that the service / product can be delivered to the registered persons about whom the corporate customer has provided information. In addition to this, the processing of personal data about contact persons at companies is necessary with regard to the legitimate interest that SAXX  should be able to get in touch with the corporate customer.

SAXX also processes personal data in order to be able to provide information about services / products offered to customers with regard to the legitimate interest.

Personal data for processing is mainly collected from the data subject himself. In exceptional cases, credit information or control at the Swedish Tax Agency may occur.

Certain personal information such as name and contact information may be passed on to one of SAXX’s authorised resellers for follow-up, and then with the intention that he may be able to satisfy a specific and expressed request. Information such as individuals’ social security numbers are not passed on.


What is classified as personal data?

All information that can be used to identify a natural person is classified as personal information, this includes, among other things:


Social security number

Organization number

VAT number



Phone number

IP address


Storage of personal data

All personal data must be stored in a secure form to which only authorized personnel, the customer himself or persons to whom the customer has given access have access. Authorized personnel at SAXX are appointed by SAXX’s CEO or Board. In connection with the authorization being obtained, it is the responsibility of the CEO or the Board to ensure that the person has understood and signed this document.


Automatic deletion of personal data

In cases where a private individual does not use or purchase any of SSAB’s delivered services or products within a period of 24 months, his personal data will be deleted.


Deletion of personal data

A private individual can at any time request to be removed from all SAXXS’s systems and from the third-party systems over which SAXX has control. This can be done via email to  Such a request is executed within a week (7 days) at the latest.


Opportunity to correct and change information

A customer and private person has at any time the opportunity to correct, update or change their information via email to



You always have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Inspectorate if you believe that SAXX is violating the rules. From 25 May 2018, there is an e-service for this on the Data Inspectorate’s website. The Data Inspectorate receives your report and decides on supervision.


Use of third party systems

SAXX uses the following third-party systems in which users’ personal data is stored.


  1. Invoicing / finance E-mail

  2. Email Marketing

  3. Bank payments

 Stored data

  1. Telephone number, address and name, organisation number and VAT number

  2. Email and Name

  3. Name


  1.  Visma Business

  2. Mailchimp

  3. Handelsbanken



Responsibilities and functions

President and CEO – Fredrik Hjelmquist – +46 8 128 547 55

Data Protection Officer, CTO & Supervisory authority – Data Inspectorate – +46 8 657 61 00

The head office is responsible for all handling of personal data within SAXX’s organisation:

Norrlandsgatan 1411143 StockholmSweden

Organisationsnummer: 556570-8400